Integrated Care Management

A proactive care coordination approach;
more effective, more efficient.

Where most care coordination vendors obtain a brief snapshot of a client's functional and cognitive status at a single point in time, AssuriCare takes a different approach.

After developing a complete functional and cognitive evaluation and a comprehensive Plan of Care, AssuriCare has the tools, technology and processes to continually monitor and perform concurrent review of the actual care provided, as it is being provided.

This gives AssuriCare the unique ability to make timely and targeted interventions, identifying possible changes in care needs, recoveries and situations where claimants might require additional care.

Our approach also enables a much more cost-effective care coordination strategy; removing the need for insurers to incur costs for expensive on-site reassessments at certain points in time, in favor of appropriate, timely intervention where warranted based on actual clinical needs.

In simple terms, AssuriCare's Integrated Care Management Program includes:

  • Functional and Cognitive Evaluation.
  • Comprehensive Plan of Care.
  • Concurrent Review of the Plan of Care with Assistance Provided.
  • Timely and targeted intervention where appropriate.
  • Rapid identification/escalation possible recovery or deterioriation.
  • Onsite or telephonic Caregiver assessments / training.
  • Information, Resource & Referral services.

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Nationwide Network of Onsite Assessors

Skilled field clinicians in all 50 States.

AssuriCare's network of thousands of skilled and trained Onsite Assessors meet strict quality and performance standards, and are one of the key components of our Integrated Care Management program.

Members of AssuriCare's network of Onsite Assessors:

  • Evaluate an insured's functional and cognitive status
  • Develop a comprehensive Plan of Care
  • Assess home care providers' ability to perform services on the Plan of Care
  • Evaluate the safety of the insured's home environment

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