Management Team

Michael J. Gilbert

Michael is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, with more than 20 years' experience focused on the use of technology to improve healthcare and long-term care. Prior to co-founding AssuriCare, Michael was President of CareScout, a long-term care insurance services company acquired by Genworth Financial in 2008. Prior to CareScout, Michael founded and was President and CEO of Extrio Corporation, a Healthcare technology consultancy acquired by Primix Solutions in 2001. Additionally, Michael has worked with Home Care Technologies, Digital Equipment Corporation and Sapient Corporation, in both the United States and in Europe.

Doris E. Kraemer RNC CCM
Chief Operating Officer

Doris is a registered nurse specializing in gerontology and bioethics. Prior to co-founding AssuriCare, Doris was COO and responsible for all client operations of CareScout, a long-term care insurance services company acquired by Genworth Financial in 2008. Prior to CareScout, Doris served as the Director for Extended Care and Medicare Clinical Programs for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Vice President for Commonwealth Care, Inc., and as Executive Director of Commonwealth Home Care. For 7 years, Doris also served as the Director of Patient Services for Home Care PRN, a division of Technical Aid Corporation, a for-profit Medicare-certified home health agency.

Mark P. Gibelli
Chief Technology Officer
Mark is a seasoned technology executive with deep hands-on experience developing technology for the healthcare and long-term care industries. Mark founded StoryBoard Consulting in 2007, a successful application development firm based in Florida with customers in Healthcare, Insurance, Medicine and Government. Prior to StoryBoard, Mark co-founded and was Vice President of Extrio Corporation, a Healthcare technology consultancy acquired by Primix Solutions in 2001. Mark's additional experience includes work with the University of Miami and Cambridge Technology Partners.

A Few Words About AssuriCare

AssuriCare has revolutionized the way the long-term care insurance industry manages home care claims.

New challenges need new solutions. Home care claims are growing - in frequency, duration and complexity. New types of providers, non-standardized documentation and ever-expanding volumes force insurers to think differently about how to handle home care claims while delivering excellent service to policyholders and their families.

Enter AssuriCare.

With a unique, patent pending suite of technology and services that addresses the specific challenges of home-based long-term care claims, AssuriCare enables long-term care insurers to efficiently service claimants while effectively managing risk like never before.

LTCfastpay, an exclusive service of AssuriCare, is a turnkey service which enables claimants to approve and submit home care claims on-line, while verifying that appropriate care was delivered, and the insurer is only paying for care actually performed.

Integrated Care Management, Assuricare's philosophy and approach to care coordination, helps determine claimants' benefit eligibility and establish an appropriate plan of care, with an eye towards ongoing active claim management. This helps ensure that claimants receive all of the care they need based on their functional or cognitive status, while identifying patterns of behavior which may indicate inadequate care, claimant deterioration or possible recovery.

The first electronic long-term care claims clearinghouse. Whether claimants are utilizing licensed home health care agencies, registries, independent care providers or informal caregivers, insurers must handle a complex set of hand-written forms, invoices, service logs, visit notes and scraps of paper. With AssuriCare, insurers receive a standardized, computer-generated service invoice regardless of the type of home care provider. Further, the invoice data is available via direct system interface, reducing errors and increasing processing efficiency dramatically, setting the stage for claim auto-adjudication and straight-through processing.

With over 75 years of long-term care, technology and care management experience on our leadership team, AssuriCare understands the issues long-term care insurers face. Find out why AssuriCare's innovative and unique combination of services directly targeted at managing the unique risks from home care claims makes us The Verification Company.

The AssuriCare Advantage

We understand the unique nature of home-based long-term care claims.

Home care claims are different in every way from nursing home or other facility claims. There can be multiple home care providers servicing clients at the same time, independent or informal caregivers, different hours or schedules each week, multiple plans of care, multiple contacts or POAs, Assignment of Benefits, etc. We understand these unique needs and have developed our technology and customer service models to fully support insurers, policyholders and their families when dealing with these difficult issues.

We specialize in complex home care claims
  • Multiple or changing agencies
  • Independent/Informal Providers
  • Assignment of Benefits
  • Changing hours and schedules
  • Infrequently submitting claims
  • Services do not reflect POC
  • Difficulty tracking hours
  • Verifying care delivery

Why Choose Us

"Customer Service" and "Quality Assurance." These are buzz words and punchlines at many companies - at AssuriCare they are part of our core business philosophy.

We simplify the process.

We simplify the process by providing consistent, standardized validated invoices that can be processed by claims examiners in a much shorter time.

Our job is to make your job easier.

We partner with long-term care insurers to help provide the best possible service to claimants and their families, while making the claim process more efficient and better managing risk.

Effective AND Cost effective.

Best of all, it WORKS. Some of the largest long-term care insurers have seen more than 50% improvement in processing efficency, while reducing the risk from home care claims by up to 30%.

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