More LTCI Clients, Less Hassle

We make it easier to run your business.

The Home Health Partner Program makes it easier to serve clients paying for services with Long-Term Care Insurance, benefiting clients and business owners alike.

How does it work? Aides use AssuriCare’s telephonic timecard system to check in and check out, and LTCI charges are made based on actual time worked.

AssuriCare provides a weekly timecard report to you and the family, and submits standardized claim documents to the insurance company.

AssuriCare also offers a range of options for payment, supporting direct billing, Assignment of Benefits1 and electronic payment processing.

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The Home Health Partner Program

Bridging Home Care Agencies and Long-Term Care Insurers

AssuriCare’s Home Care Agency Partner program is part of a nationwide effort to bridge the needs of long-term care insurers and home care agencies.

Working together, we can make it easier and simpler for agencies to service long-term care insurance clients, while providing insurers with clean, standardized invoices and documentation for every home care claim.

Benefits for Home Care Agencies:  

  • Easy claim submission
  • More LTCI clients
  • "Preferred" status1
  • No extra claim forms
  • Faster payment/reimbursement
  • Satisfied clients

In short, we make it easier and more cost effective for Home Care Agencies and LTC Insurers to work together, allowing both to focus on the health and well-being of the family.

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1 Where allowable under the claimants specific policy and plan