Claims Made Easy LTCfastpay is a plug-in service which enables Long-Term Care Insurers to immediately implement on-line paperless claim submission, verify that home care services are actually taking place, improve processing efficiency, reduce cycle time and reduce fraud.

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Integrated Care

Ensuring claimants' needs are met AssuriCare’s Integrated Care Management program helps insurers evaluate claimants for benefit eligibility, develop a comprehensive Plan of Care, then use that information as a basis for active claim administration.

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Home Health

Bridging Providers and Insurers AssuriCare's Home Health Partner program is part of a nationwide effort to bridge the needs of long-term care insurers and home care providers. Working together, we make it easier for providers to service long-term care insurance clients.

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AssuriCare: The Verification Company

Home care claims represent the largest risk and percentage of fraud and overbilling within long-term care. In addition, home care claim complexity and lack of oversight leads to inefficient billing and claims handling processes within long-term care insurers.

AssuriCare focuses on managing risk and improving the process of handling home care claims. Find out how your company can benefit today.
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