Claims Made Easy

Online paperless claim submission
Verified home care claims
Reduced claims / administrative cost

LTCfastpay is a plug-in service which enables Long-Term Care Insurers to immediately implement on-line paperless claim submission, verify that home care services are actually taking place, improve processing efficiency, reduce cycle time and reduce fraud.

Simple paperless claim submission
Faster Reimbursement
Online record of submitted claims

Claimants and their families find paperwork and claims submission difficult. LTCfastpay lets them easily review and approve their claims on-line before submission, receive reimbursement faster, and retain an on-line record of the services and submitted claims. Families see the program as a benefit and improvement over any paper-based claims process; it’s clear, simple and easy.

No-cost telephony included
Paperless direct claim submission
Faster reimbursement

Independent Care Providers and Home Care Agencies are able to use a simple, no-cost telephony solution to track hours worked and services provided. No more paper! Claims are approved on-line and submitted electronically, resulting in faster reimbursement. Happier clients, less paperwork and faster payment - find out why thousands of home care providers rely on LTCfastpay.

LTCfastpay standardizes claims processing while reducing fraud and claims cost.

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LTCfastpay Core Components

Telephonic Timecard System
Verifying services actually provided

All LTCfastpay clients utilize our patent-pending telephonic timecard system to record hours worked and services provided. Providers check in and check out for each shift worked from the location of care. Invoices are submitted only for actual hours worked, with system-based verification of caregiver identity and location of care.

Active Claim Management
A longitudinal claim view

LTCfastpay includes a detailed claim review process; gathering and retaining claim details to create a longitudinal view of each claim. Where appropriate, LTCfastpay staff may make telephonic check-ins to address discrepancies, or telephonic Plan of Care updates where triggered by care or behavior changes.

LTCfastpay also uses a Tiered Risk Management system to identify patterns of behavior that indicate policy abuse or fraud.

Electronic Claim Submission
Standardized, Clean Claims

LTCfastpay provides a secure, direct data feed for all processed claims. All forms are standardized, regardless of provider type, and delivered in a format acceptable to each LTCI. This removes the need for mailing, scanning, handling or data entry for all claims received. It also significantly increases the percentage of clean claims received, which do not require escalation or follow-up. Most claims are submitted bi-weekly, reducing the number of invoices received and processed by as much as 25% to 30%!